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Khaman Dhokhla

Popular Gujarati delicacy Khaman Dhokhla made easily with Instant-Mix! Many of times we fail to get that spongy and yummy dhokla’s after hours of hard work. But, with this dhokla instant-mix one can make it perfectly after following few steps.



Make your coolant more delicious with Instant Thandai mix! Children, who don’t love these drinks, will also love to have this twice a day. These powders can be stored for long time and can be added with hot and cold both types of drinks.



Instant Idli Mix is no doubt equally delicious as rice based batter! It has all the necessary ingredients in equal quantity and by following few simple steps, one can easily make this delectable snack in just few minutes.


Dahi Vada

Dahi-Vada Instant-Mix for making Dahi-Vada’s in few minutes! This Indian chaat is usually seen in all types of parties and occasions. Instant mix can help you in cutting short the hours spent in making the dough of this snack.