Chinese Seasoning for All types of lovers

Chinese food can make anyone crazy. But now the new seasonings available in the market can add a taste to a variety of dishes like paneer too. Indians are paneer lovers and are always ready to try it in different forms. So Monika Foods present an altogether different taste of Chinese Seasoning that is Chilly Paneer Masala, which is very spicy and equally delicious too.

Previously Chinese Masala was in our kitchen shelves to add the real taste and value to dishes like Manchurian and noodles. But, now with this new seasoning you can make paneer in different forms to taste something very special. Soya Masala is the other name of this category.



Spices and Seasoning for your Kitchen

If you want to enjoy cooking you should master spices and herbs. I hope all of you might have heard this statement from your granny and moms. And if you really love cooking then you would agree with it too! Now a day’s every Tom, Dick and Harry is ready to accept the challenge of making any complicated dish. Reasons are many and the basic one is the seasoning and spices available in the market have made their task easier.

Spices and seasonings have their own role in the makeover of the dish; besides taste it adds a special fragrance too. It is very difficult to prepare these seasonings at home without actual knowledge of the quantity and quality of the ingredients. So it is far better to rely on the available packets of seasonings available in the market. And one of the trusted names in this context is Monika Foods, which are serving the industry through their variety of seasoning since years. Different Indian and Chinese dishes can be easily prepared with these Masalas like Tomato, Chinese, Manchurian and many more.



Tomato Masala for every Tooth

Tomato Masala by Monika Foods, the seasoning which was previously loved to enhance the taste of many snacks is now available in three different tastes. Tomato Ketchup, Tomato Twister and Chilly Spicy are the different varieties manufactured to give a taste to every tooth. Previously the seasoning was used to enrich the taste of different types of snacks, but now these varieties can give value to a number of other food products too.

Chilly Spicy as the name suggests is for spicy tooth. All those who love to eat very spicy food can add a tinge of this in their different dishes. Tomato Twister is altogether a different seasoning which works like a twister when added on prepared dishes. Tomato is the basic ingredient, but herbs and spices are changed according to the taste required. Tomato Ketchup is for adding an essence to ketchup. Try these seasonings on different products and just see the difference.



Tomato Masala in a new flavor

Tomato Masala with a subdued flavor is now available for those who love a mild taste. A pinch of this seasoning can give your snack an appetizing and different look. Moreover this seasoning is all for dieters or for patients that don’t like spicy savor. Tomato Masala can enthrall your dishes beyond your expectations.



Kurkure Masala

Turn small things to big with spicy and crispy Kurkure Masala. Simple wafers, nuts and other light weighted items can taste amazing with this seasoning. All new Kurkure Masala is available in a bigger pack now.



Pudina Masala Rocks on Snacks

Pudina Masala for fast foods simply rocks on almost all the snacks. It is so light and spicy in taste that you will love to sprinkle it on salads, raita and even some fruits like orange etc. This seasoning is the basic ingredient of Indian chats like Pani puri, bhel puri, sev puri, dahi vada, etc.



The all new bigger Manchurian Masala Pack

Now in a bigger pack with added flavors Manchurian Masala is available for you at most of the outlets .These seasoning are especially for Chinese food lovers and for those who love Indo-Chinese taste. Besides Chinese dishes it can make a considerable difference in taste of other snacks too.