Monika Food Seasoning Products


Manchurian Masala

Chinese dish Manchurian is basically an appetizer loved by all. This super tasty dish can be easily prepared at home if you follow the proper recipe and add suitable ingredients like the tangy sauce and Monika’s Manchurian Masala. This seasoning has everything to add the essence to the dish.


Cheese Masala

Cheese Masala for a yummy toast and sandwich! Enrich your breakfast dishes by adding a little pinch of cheese masala and just enjoy the taste. Cheese an essential component of almost all the snacks, becomes more delicious once we add this cheese masala


Chinese Masala

Chinese Masala for you noodles and other dishes is really very yummy. It has a different taste and what you need to make a difference is all there. Just add it on Chinese dish like Manchurian, noodles and rice and just see the difference. Made according to taste of Chinese lovers.


Pudina Masala

Pudina Masala with pudina as the main ingredient is really different. It has all needed spices and herbs that can add taste to any meal. It’s aroma is really pleasant and can be added to different dishes. Chips, raita and different meals can be enriched with its taste.


Tomato Masala

Tomato Masala for tomato lovers! This seasoning is especially for those people, who love the sweet and sour taste of tomato with other stringent herbs and spices. It can add taste to many items like chips and other deep fried snacks. You can try this on other dishes too!


Kurkure Masala

Kurkure Masala as the name reveals, this product includes spicy and pungent ingredients, which can make your snacks crispier. You can try them on different dishes and just see the difference. This Masala can be sprinkled on chips, potato fries and all then light weighted snacks to add a yummy taste.